Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Sleeve (X-Large)

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By Brand: Pro-Tec
Asin Product: B000LQPXR8

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"Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Sleeve (X-Large) Reviews"

"Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Sleeve (X-Large)" Detail

  • Provides warmth and compression to ankle area
  • Comfortable, snug fit to ankle

"Pro-Tec Athletics Ankle Sleeve (X-Large)" Overview

If you suffer from ankle sprains and ankle instability or weakness, the Pro-Tec Ankle Sleeve Support offers the extra support that you need. Made from Neoprene, 3” wide elastic and Velcro , this Ankle Sleeve Support provides stabilization, warmth and compression to the ankle area. Warmth and compression helps support moderate ankle sprains and instability. The therapeutic warmth keeps ligaments flexible and the compression helps contain inflammation while supporting the ankle. This product is a sleeve that slips on your foot like a sock.

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