OTC Canvas Ankle Splint, Medium

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OTC Canvas Ankle Splint, Medium
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"OTC Canvas Ankle Splint, Medium" Detail

  • Rigid pre-bent metal stays are adjustable and provide excellent side-to-side support; splint controls rotational strains on the ankle, and provide resistance to inversion and eversion
  • The lace front facilitates application and post-swelling adjustment
  • Measure around the smallest part of the ankle
  • Fits ankle 7.75-9.0 in
  • Completely latex-free

"OTC Canvas Ankle Splint, Medium" Overview

This lightweight ankle splint may be used for either therapeutic or preventative support for the ankle. It is effective in stabilizing the ankle joint following severe sprains, tendonitis or after cast removal.  Discount "OTC Canvas Ankle Splint, Medium" Deals.