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Magnetic Ankle Support provides protection and support whilst healing and can also help prevent injuries in weak and unstable ankles, Magnetic Ankle Support also helps when extreme demands are placed on the ankles such as in basketball. Magnetic Ankle Support retains the heat produced by the body in a specific area and so aid the healing process. Magnetic Ankle Support produces heat, which encourages blood vessels to dilate, and so allows more blood to the injured area. The more blood that gets to the injured area, the more nutrients it will get and the faster it will heal. Magnetic Ankle Support a heat retainer is easy to put on and take off and will retain the heat. It will give mild support. Magnetic Ankle Support if you have very weak or unstable ankles with possible permanent ligament stretching then something more substantial, which will physically help, prevent the ankle from turning over. The Magnetic Ankle Support also provides more support and can prevent ankles from repeated sprains. The ankle support provides welcome relief for ankle sprains, strains, arthritis and a broken ankle following cast removal.RETURN POLICY:This Product has a 30-day money-back guarantee and Non-returnable items:-Items that have been laundered, modified, soiled, or damaged.

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